Monday, September 22, 2008

30-Minute Dash.

I am so glad to be posting regularly on my blog again. I have made a non-blood pact with Roma to draw SOMETHING for 30 minutes each day. For those who saw my earlier posts, I am in the home stretch of finishing my Art Instruction School (AIS) program but have bee procrastinating big time. This morning discipline may be the only way I can get the course finished before my time runs out in February 2009 (on the course that is. I don't think I have any terminal illness).

Life gets in the way and no matter how good or bad it may be going, something will ALWAYS get in the way... if you let it. So for the past week or so, I have been making 30 minutes of art work my second priority each morning. Interesting how easy it is to surf the Internet for 30 minutes or stare into space for 30 minutes. Yet how crazy is it to not take part in your passion for a measly 30 minutes. Time is the one resource you use that you NEVER get back. 'Tis a shame to waste it... no?

So drunk with success on my art work, I'm now working with another buddy to write for 30 minutes each day. It's amazing how much more committed (to the Funny Farm!) you get when you know someone is checking up on you. And even though I get frustrated that I'm not making more progress, I can now say that I put in 30 minutes of writing EVERY day as opposed to the zero I was doing previously.

Amazing how it can take years and years to come to see the truth applied to one's life. The answers are always simple... the doing is the hard part.

Of course, if someone sends me some chocolate, I might write and draw even longer (or I might just end up sitting in a corner stuffing my face full of chocolate!).



P.S. Wondering how to work in 30 minutes of photography in each day...


Anonymous said...

You are right about this "pact" being a motivator! So glad Higalee is joining us as well.

I am going to try to get a drawing in today, but I just started a new temp job and I am FRIED! I took a *gulp* telemarketing job doing political surveys and the "get out to vote" campaign. Why, you ask? Desperation, plain and simple, because I want a set of Unison pastels sooooo bad. See what art does to you? Induces temporary insanity... may be permanent in my case.

Anyway... this is really fun, I am so glad you posted the invite at EDM, and I am happy to have made a new friend.

Off to sketch... or drink a bottle of scotch... ~Roma

Margaret Ann said...

Chocolate works for me! Love your take on always brings a smile! :)