Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Presidential Race Madness

Obama and McCain
Dash our hopes down the drain
With prattle of peace and goodwill
Their prescription it seems
Really just means
Four more years of political swill

“Trust me” they say
“I’ll put your troubles at bay”
As they oink at the trough of taxation
Yet still war remains
Body bags still contain
The price of a floundering nation

“Change!” they both prattle
As they go off to battle
Sparring with words of no meaning
We scream “that’s enough!”
“Life is already too rough
To listen to the two of you screaming”

But fight they continue
In this political snafu
As we Americans wait up to see
The endless debate
Has made us irate
Yet we still watch all night on TV

In the end, it’s the same
Four years of blame
To the candidate who can’t rearrange
We’re stuck in this rut
We know in our gut
That nothing really will change

For you see, my good friend
When faced with the end
The blame will come back you will see
Don’t blame the one man
Who tells us he can
When the real blame falls on you and on me.

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Anetka said...

WELCOME BACK MARK:) it's soooo good to "see" you again:)
great drawing of lamp:)

hope you are ok...