Monday, June 30, 2008

Latin prayers

Okay, so I haven't been all that inactive. There is a creative line in me that just refuses to die. I did manage to compile a little book for all those so inclined to prayer...




Anita Davies said...

Frankly I find all the fear and threats associated with Catholic beliefs, and most others for that matter, quite disturbing.
However, your book looks amazing mark, good luck with it.

Just because said...

I'm sad to hear you say that, Anita. Because the promises of faith are more beautiful than any artwork could ever depict.

The "threats" of this life -- disease, war, famine, natural disaster, hatred -- are much more disturbing to me.

The promise of eternal peace after a short time of suffering on earth are much more comforting than suffering for no purpose.

We always try to please those we love most. And if God is asking me to follow His law for love of Him, how can I say no?

Just some thoughts for this new day...


Anita Davies said...

I have no problem with faith Mark, I believe everyone needs something to believe in.

You have misinterpretated my use of the word 'threats' of course I find those same things disturbing.
My only sadness comes from seeing religion 'used' by those who feel they have the God given right to judge others through it. All of the major 'threats' in this life are man-made and many of them through intolerance of others.

Faith doesn't create war and pain but misuse of it and threatening behaviour through it does.

No one is wiser than I on this subject, we have no real proof of anything, only that which we feel in our hearts and everyone is entitled to their own interpretation. I pray, I feel and I act to do the best I can but not for the promise of something better for myself, only as an improvement on the here and now.
I am not waiting a reward, I'm simply trying to be the best I can.
I will not have to answer for anyone but myself, therefore I must choose my own path and try to do good through my journey how I see fit. I have no right to judge others...I believe that's a commandment?...and believe no other has a right to judge or threaten me through the word of God.

I'm sorry, I have babbled on long enough, I will finish by adding that I honestly respect your beliefs and did not jot my thoughts down to undermind you in any way.

I wish you a beautiful day and much success through your journey :)