Saturday, March 1, 2008

Drawing the eye

Okay, a little play on words. You'll find no eyes here!

The exercise is called the Center of Interest and it's part of the coursework I'm doing for the Art Instruction School. The lesson covers how the human eye is drawn into a composition and how in your art you can lure the viewer in.

These are just simple drawings but you can see from the pencils that the eye is drawn to the pencil that contrasts sharpest with the others. In the second drawing, the bottle with the most detail draws the eye.

Doesn't really fit with my desire to be more free flowing with art, but the course has been excellent in teaching me so many fundamentals.


Margaret Ann said...

Very clver Mark...keep enjoying what you do! :)

Stacey-Ann said...

This info is really useful, Mark. I guess it will be most useful when you are trying to figure out the composition of a piece of art that you want to create. I will try to remember this concept myself. Thanks!