Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time to send 'er in!

It's been said before... progress, not perfection!

I've shaded about as much as I can shade and I've drawn and redrawn as much as I can. Time to let it go.

These are all the pieces for this next-to-last assignment. I want to publicly thank everyone who has commented on my progress, especially those who encouraged the dream.

And I lift up a prayer to all those who don't believe in dreams, don't believe in the passions of the heart directed towards God above. May we always be what we are, and be it well!

Lord, if this is the talent you have given me and want me to use, then may that always be enough of an excuse for me to plow ahead and do it. Deo Gratias!


Anetka said...

great statement!!!

I like the shading you've done in the top drawing! Amazing lightness of your drawings.

Szczesliwego Nowego Roku:) to you too Mark.
Keep on posting!! Keep on drawing!!

Sandy said...

These are wonderful! Catching up a little here.