Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More drapery

I'm supposed to draw the different folds you see in the picture. So I've spent more than several days trying to match up lines and shades and tones.

I want to say that this is so much fun and that I'm having a blast, but that would be a lie. It's tedious and frustrating. I feel like a copier copying one image to create an exact duplicate.

But what I really don't like is that I'm trying to PERFECTLY reproduce a picture. I'm fighting AGAINST perfectionism yet I find that for this assignment, I have to get every line and curve just so.

I can see already that some of the proportions are out of whack. The shading is off and it doesn't match PERFECTLY the picture we're drawing off of.

I want to have fun when I draw and this is NOT fun. But I'm sure that what I'm learning here will translate into being able to create looser, more creative artwork. Let's hope so. In the meantime, I have to shake the cramp out of my hand!


Anetka said...

wow, Mark. Your work is great:)
and whatever you learn with this assignment will help you create loose lines:) believe it or not:))

You are doing amazing:)

The Victorious place said...

Mark these are amazing!!! I love drapery drawings and cloths. Nice work.
Still off line at the moment at home so am unable to post any thing. By the way where are you taking your art courses? Online?

Anita Davies said...

Beautiful Mark!!!
Happy new year!

Margaret Ann said...

I am really impressed with what you are doing here Mark...a great exercise...even though it might be frustrating now....the big payoff will come...I am sure of it!

Hope your new year gets to be delightfully art filled!

Sandy said...

This is something I'm going to be practicing soon! You did a great job.