Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Now on to the art of drawing folds known as drapery. This is all leading to putting clothes on figures (as well as being able to draw and shade folds). So now my respectable nudes can put on some respectable clothing. But for this morning, I got to learn how to respectably dress the corner of a table.


Margaret Ann said...

Nice work on this Mark...Exercises like this really make one see with "new eyes"...:)

Starr said...

And respectable it is. It's an eye catcher. Fabulous Work Mark!

The Victorious place said...

Nice work Mark.
I look at all the figures above also and love you sense of humor!!!!
I need to practice figures but yikes never have so I think I may need to do so.
Yes to you becoming a world famiss artist. (me I will not be litterary as you can tell by my spelling:))