Sunday, November 2, 2008

Parts is parts

Practice, practice, practice... body parts!


Odd Chick said...

great hands Mark!! I find myself needing to draw hands more and more. I really notice hands in a painting (and in real life) so I know that they are extremely important. You are getting some really good practice and I can tell it's paying off

Anetka said...

practice, practice:)) Good work Mark. Personaly i think that if I practiced sketching hands and feet daily it would improved my drawing much more:))
Just need to increase my day up to 36 hours:)

RaSh said...

Really nice sketches.. :)

Keep posting more!

The Victorious place said...

Nice hands. I been thinking of practicing hands and feet but have been kinda shy on it. Nice work.

Mark Kwasny said...

Hands and feet and face parts, oh my! Day by day, inch by inch. As a perfectionist, this is agonizing! I want it to be perfect... NOW! Taking a calm, cool, cleansing breath and moving forward. I'm not sure if taking up art is as much a passion as it is a discipline. Discipline to gain patience and love of the journey. As in, Everday Matters!