Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall Spectacular

Sometimes you just can't resist picking up your camera and heading outside on a gorgeous - but rare - fall day in Ohio.


Lisa Reed said...

Ohhh Mark! This is wonderful stuff. I can see you love fall as much as I do. It's really something isnt it?!

Mark Kwasny said...

Amazing how God gives us this beautiful display of beauty right before the dead of winter. Guess it's like storing nuts for the winter... always having something to chew on to help get us through.

Margaret Ann said...

Spectacular beauty...I miss the sesaonal changes here in Az...The first shot looking staight up to the sky is fabulous...makes your spirit really soar...just what i needed this very second....Thanks! :)

The Victorious place said...

Mark, Wonderful shot. Love the colors in the trees. Well we just had our first real snow (not really-only an inch or so but it is slick with ice underneath.) here in the Western NY greater Buffalo area. I do love the fall-I also love the snow and the way it seems to light up a scean.
I liked your hand drawings. Glad I popped in for a treat. Keep up the good work.

John said...

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Sandy said...

ohhhh beautiful!!