Friday, October 24, 2008

Paper clips and frustration

Spent time this morning working on Henrietta. Drawing this line, erasing that line. Looking at the photo... redrawing. Proportion not right... elbow not in place... wrong angle on this line. Makes me want to be one of those abstract artists where I just get a few gallons of paint and throw them indiscriminately against a wall-sized canvas. Where's my punching bag when I need it???
With a few minutes left in my 30 minute morning draw, I sketched out my paper clip holder. Sometimes, a little pen and ink can redeem an entire morning.


Sandy said...

Well this is good, good perspective and I like the shading.

Starr said...

Way to let out your frustation on a piece of paper rather than a punching bag:-)! Even though I could use one! Great shading a perspective!!!