Monday, September 29, 2008


In working with this assignment to draw the lady's head, I decided I would sketch out a grid first so I can be accurate (for the sake of the assignment and my own artistic perfectionism). So wouldn't ya know it... I used my full 30 minutes figuring out how to set up the stupid grid! And I'm not sure I set it up right. Time for patience. I'd rather start out with a proper set up than to find out half way through that I didn't.

So in the meantime, enjoy this head study I did some time ago...

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The Victorious place said...

Ha!!! Ya the grid system. MMMM what fun eh? Not!!!!!
On the last one I did I used a grid and put parts in the wrong grid place. MMMM, I guess I'm not a mathamatician becaues I can not even follow the grid numbers correct.