Friday, September 26, 2008

More faces!

Quite honestly, I had no desire to shade and tone and draw nice clean lines this morning. I was more in the mood to just color outside the lines! So no planning or layout, I just took an ink pen and went at it.

The first lady is a portrait I'll be working on for AIS, so you'll be seeing more of her (yes, it's a woman!). Just wanted to lay down some lazy lines loosley (lay lazy lines loosely... more fun with words). But as I work more on it, she'll start to look more like a real person.

The second face is Tina from Mark Simon's book, "Facial Expressions." Tina is in love with me, she just doesn't know it yet. So as an expression of my love, I created her in scratchy line. If this doesn't win her heart, nothing will.


Colleen Hammond said...

Wow, that second one is really animated! Can't wait to see the first one develop.

aa said...

You have very creative mind.
These pictures are amazing but i like second one. I think first one is not completed.


Kathleen said...

She does look kind of struck but I'm not sure it's love struck

The Victorious place said...

Hey Mark. Some times ya just got to creat outside the lines.
Liked the second drawing. Hey, Hope you win her heart. Love the expressive look to it.

Margaret Ann said...

Hilarious commentary...great sketches! :)