Thursday, September 18, 2008

Arm and hand

If I had a question for God today, it would probably be, "Lord, why did you make the arm and hand so sophisticated?" He'd probably answer, "So you can hold a Twinkie with a firm grip." I'm not sure that's what He would say, but I think it's a good guess.

Meanwhile, I struggle with the complexities of the human body...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark!
Yes, I did get my sketch in today. I am really working at not being so "precious" about my drawings. It takes me a long time to create a nice drawing, and that has been why I have drawn so little. Perfectionism.

I like your use of line in the second sketch! Really makes the form feel solid and 3D! Well done!

Thanks for dropping by my FLIKR! It was a pleasure seeing your note.

Today's sketch can be found at


Margaret Ann said...

Nicely done...great job on the muscles! ...Love the twinkie bit...LOL :)