Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sketching people... ARGH!

The one thing I want to be able to draw most and the one that frustrates me the most... PEOPLE! I savor the thought of the day when I can draw people that look and pose and act the way I want them to.


no way said...

This isn't an easy task you're taking on, so congratulations to you for attempting it. Now to just keep on practicing-you'll get it! You're sketches here show that you're in the right direction!

Stacey-Ann said...

I know exactly what you mean, Mark. I stick to faces mostly now until I learn to draw the rest of the body properly. Trying to draw hands attached to a body really scares me even though I could probably draw them in isolation.

Anetka said...

I know the feeling Mark. I remember my first attampt in sketching people !argh!
it's still not easy but don't worry, it's getting better with practise:))
sooooo, you know what to do:)))
don't give up:)