Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pharoah girl and duck boy

Not my proudest moment, but it was an exercise in creativity! I decided to sketch this lady in pen (no pencil baselines to work from) and then I worked on duck boy with a graphite stick. I called the girl Pharaoh lady because of her hair and chiseled face (this is probably what Pharoah's daughter looked like as she poked around in the kitchen cabinets looking for a candy bar) and duck boy has webbed hands (maybe he just got out of the water and he didn't have time to transform into his fully human self). What did I accomplish here? Well, it kept me from extending my Sunday nap to an hour from 30 minutes! (Don't even ask me how to align all these graphics on Blogger cuz obviously, I haven't figured it out!)


Brian said...

Comparing the reference photos and your drawings, you do seem to be getting one thing: your overall shapes and negative shapes are well drawn. That is something I endlessly struggled with for years and years, and in fact even now. So I think your drawings show much promise!

Suggestion: spend much time copying the work of master artists, whether they be unknown contemporary ones who illustrated anatomy textbooks, or the famous ones from the past. On a site like you'll get enough reference material to last you several lifetimes. Copying from the masters is one way in which all those great masters received their own training.

In the meantime, keep up the good work. Your broad shapes and proportions are not bad at all; you seem to have a much better eye for that than I ever had. With practice, a more subtle approach to the details of the figures and faces will follow.

Just because said...

Thanks, Brian! I have a copy of a book called "Renaissance Painting" that I have been using to practice and also books by Robert Beverly Hale. I know I can get this down with time and practice. Thanks for the encouragement.


Anetka said...

wow, your human body drawings are really great!!:)
I am impressed:)

keep drawing Mark:)