Monday, April 14, 2008

Big eyed hat lady

So the quest to draw the human form and faces continues... You see, doctor, I've had this problem of drawing people with really big eye balls and really nasty teeth. Yes, yes... I'm sure it stems from my childhood...


PamYla said...

Hey Mark,
Thanks for commenting on my mug. I really like your lady. YOur proportions are great, and your expression with the muscle movement is great also. YOu are funny I like what you wrote, teeth are weird to draw. I tried smudging a line after reading a blog and it helped me a lot

Richard Huston said...

a very nice effort and I enjoyed looking at your earlier posts as well. you might want to try suggesting the teeth rather than trying to render them indiviualy. Leave something for the viewer to do.

Anetka said...

the longer you stare at your drawing the more real it seems to me!!!
I like it:)
it happens with art that first look will not give you as much as longer staring at it. Your drawing has it all!!