Monday, February 25, 2008

Masking fun

Well, not on top of my game today... feeling a bit blue. So I took whatever was on hand and just let go again. Found my Windsor & Newton art masking fluid along with some water-based paints. Did a yellow wash then a red wash then blue. Something therapeutic about rubbing all that masking fluid off with your finger.

More color, more fun... more letting go.


Scarlett said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I had no idea those markers were that wore out when I grabbed them for the hospital stay. I had used them to color my stupid anatomy coloring back two years for my massage therapy course. I hated that book, hated doing it and I can see now that the markers were punished with each stroke.

Anyway, they have been promptly replaced by a new Prang set with fine and marker tips.

blog queen said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting as well.

I LOVE this Just because. You are great with color. Isn't that funny, I'm trying to let loose more and you're trying to tighten up the details. I've had years and years of training to overcome.

Keep letting loose, its the inner you I think. Don't let that part of you go.


minim said...

ooh yes - immense therapy to be found in removing masking fluid! how did you find yours went removing from the red? last time i tried it over red it lifted the colour (winsor & newton colourless art masking fluid).