Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Creative License first exercise

This is from page 22 of the book, The Creative License. You're supposed to draw a chair, a mug, a table, and a person. The notes I made aren't clear, but I started out a bit frustrated and really tense. As the exercises went on, I loosened up and found myself not caring too much about the outcome.
The drawing of the woman is pretty coarse. I'm sure she's beautiful... inside!


Alison said...

Welcome to EDM - I love your blog name. I hope you have some happy times drawing. Recently I found a piece of paper on which I wrote 20 years ago that I wished I could draw - and now I can - good enough - thanks to EDM. I find playing some music can help lure me to my sketching materials and keep me going once I'm sat down - if I'm in a state where my 'why bother' voice is getting the better of me. I often use the same piece for a month so it becomes automatic - that music - I draw. ps I love the armchair - wonky leg and all.

Just because said...

Thanks, Alison. I love classical music and usually have something playing throughout the day. Vivaldi is on the top of my list this week.